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Scalable solutions to improve employee learning and its impact on your organization.

Does your investment in employee learning deliver value?

Understand what you want to know.

With ALPS Insights, learning and development professionals can build and implement evaluation practices that deliver measurable value. Our team and platform helps your stakeholders answer effectiveness and improvement questions to deliver insights into what’s working and what can be improved. This empowers your team to use data effectively, drive improvement and create value.


Empower key stakeholders at each stage of evaluation. 

People create value by acting on insights. Different stakeholders need different insights. Learners, instructors, training managers, business managers and executives use data-driven information to inform their own actions. By delivering timely answers to each group’s evaluation questions, stakeholders can improve their effectiveness as it relates to their area of responsibility. Viewing evaluations as an interconnected process creates powerful avenues for talent development, capability building and performance growth.

How do I empower stakeholders to act on insights?

 Make it easy, accessible and directly related to them.

We give each stakeholder timely, relevant data about what’s working and what needs to be improved – based on their evaluation criteria. This enables your team to make decisions and take action to improve learning programs and their impact.

A learning evaluation, analytics, and feedback platform. 

The ALPS Ibex® software platform empowers organizations to act on relevant, data-driven insights that improve the learning process and outcomes. Stakeholders provide input targeted to their role and opportunity for influence. The platform collects, integrates, analyzes, distributes and displays evaluation data and results. 



ALPS Ibex® empowers leaders to build a culture of continuous improvement to support talent development.

ALPS Ibex supports most evaluation designs, multiple sources of data, and feedback from multiple stakeholder groups. By providing immediate access to data, stakeholders can act quickly to improve both learner and instructor performance, program effectiveness and program impact.


The Edge

ALPS Ibex® uses data to drive learning that leads to action. Many organizations evaluate their training programs. They use evaluation models and tools that focus on “what” they should measure, not how those data can be most effectively used. ALPS Ibex™ incorporates our evidence-based learning effectiveness model—designed based on adult learning theory, learning and transfer process models, evaluation frameworks and workplace learning research—which is supported by two decades of evaluating training programs. We know evaluation without action creates no value. ALPS Ibex helps stakeholders leverage evaluation data to improve learning and performance in their organizations.



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