Are we learning yet? Only your data knows – so you’d better pay attention. 

A podcast produced by Science 4-Hire with guest speaker, Eric Surface, CEO of ALPS Insights


In this episode Charles welcomes Eric Surface, fellow I/O Psychologist and founder/CEO of ALPS Insights, a training analytics company that provides tools and advice to help companies extract value from their learning programs via actionable insights based on data.

A big thank you to Science 4-Hire and author, Charles Handler.

Listen to “Are we learning yet?  Only your data knows- so you’d better pay attention to it.” on Spreaker.


Effective Practices for the Supervision of Instructors

This document highlights findings and recommendations from the Establish Best Practices for the Supervision of Instructors Technical Report, which compares the instructional supervisory behaviors and practices used in Special Operations Forces (SOF) Initial Acquisition Training (IAT) schools to best practices described in the literature, as well as to practices used in language schools external to the SOF IAT community.

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