Learning and development (L&D) professionals create value in organizations by ensuring the requisite knowledge and skills are available and facilitating their application to achieve individual, team and business goals. To do this, L&D professionals need timely, valid data-driven insights to inform their activities and ensure a high level of impact from their programs.

Training evaluation has traditionally been the source of data to help stakeholders make decisions about training impact. Unfortunately, most evaluation does not enable stakeholders to act to improve the learning process and its outcomes. In a recent ATD study, 96% of organizations reported evaluating training, but only 44% and 36% indicated their evaluation efforts helped their organization meet its learning and business goals, respectively. We need to make evaluation more useful by refocusing it on improving L&D activities and their impact on outcomes, not just on measuring data in levels.

Benefitting from Evaluation of Learning Programs

At ALPS Insights, we believe learning evaluation efforts should not only focus on answering effectiveness questions (did it work? is it working?) but also should focus on answering improvement questions (how can I improve the learning process and its outcomes?). We believe all stakeholders in the learning process—from learners and trainers to CLOs and business managers—can create value by focusing on effectiveness and improvement questions within their roles. By empowering them with relevant data-driven insights to answer these questions, all stakeholders can act to improve learning and performance processes and outcomes, creating value within their roles in the L&D process. Value is in the eye of the beholder, and stakeholders have different views on and opportunities to create value. We should be focused on helping stakeholders create value with data, not on levels.

ALPS Ibex™, our new software platform, is designed to empower all stakeholders to use effectiveness and improvement insights from the available data to improve the learning process and its outcomes. Our software puts the power for managing and maintaining training excellence in your hands with an application that aligns measurement, analytics and reporting with your needs. Very soon, we will be launching the SaaS version of ALPS Ibex. Please contact us for more information. Additionally, we are seeking a limited number of partners to participate in a pilot study of the new software platform.