Refocus Training Evaluation.
Empower Action. Improve Outcomes. Create Value.


Develop, measure and analyze key indicators to help stakeholders gain timely, actionable insights.



Empower stakeholders to reflect on insights and act to improve the learning process and its outcomes.



Use insights to facilitate the application of learned knowledge and skills to perform work activities.



Ensure all stakeholders’ actions are aligned with organizational learning, performance and business goals for maximum impact and value creation.


Act on Insights to Improve Outcomes

ALPS Insights uses our learning effectiveness software platform, ALPS Ibex™, and expert consulting to enable your learning and development efforts to be the best they can be. ALPS Ibex™ incorporates our evidence-based learning effectiveness model and data analytics to help stakeholders gain and act on relevant, data-driven insights to improve the learning process and its outcomes, creating value for learners, the organization and learning professionals.

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Use Our Software to Drive Improvement, Create Value

Learning and development (L&D) professionals create value in organizations by ensuring the requisite knowledge and skills are available and facilitating their application to achieve individual, team and business goals. To do this, L&D professionals need timely, valid data-driven insights to inform their activities and ensure a high level of impact from their programs.

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